Business Intelligence benefits

Real-time trading analysis and customisable dashboard reporting across transactions, settlements, match rate, market depth and much more besides. Automated end-of-day reporting and business monitoring ensures you can maintain a watchful eye on the beating heart of your business.

Consolidate reporting onto a single platform

Financial reporting is challenging. With every new regulation there’s another software solution to manage. You need a single platform that’s easy to use, easy to share and pulls all your data into one place in real-time.

Improve access to your trading data

Enable trading data to be utilised by your colleagues and integrated into multiple other systems, easily and frictionlessly.

Maximize your ROI

Gain valuable and actionable insights that will enable you to maximize your profitability and return on investment by analysing and synthesizing the trades that are happening in your marketplace.



Action-based customisable dashboards, including:

  • Transaction and Settlement Dashboard 
  • Match Rate dashboard 
  • Market Depth dashboard 
  • Easy drag and drop interface to create your own dashboards
  • Create dynamic charts and infographic data specifically for marketplace engagement

Automated Business Monitoring:

  • End of day reports, MiFID II & EMIR, ensuring reporting compliance
  • Instant AML, KYC & KYB monitoring, screening and historical reporting

Data visualisation and management reporting:

  • Easily customise data and dashboards to provide meaningful reports
  • Real-time analysis
  • Strategic synthesis