Our institutional products demonstrate our deep experience with industry regulation, integration, and protocols such as FIX and SWIFT. Talk to us about the following:

FIX API Connectivity Hub

Automate and manage your sell-side FIX infrastructure, with the ability to create truly bespoke instruments, truly bespoke pricing and ultra-low latency trading connections for your clients.

Supporting multiple variants of FIX, including 4.2, 4.4 and 5.0 and custom variants.

ECN. The Electronic Crossing Network

Our proven ECN technology, as supplied to leading global exchanges, provides incredibly fast internalised matching of client orders or matching against other supplied liquidity. With full depth support from contributing market makers and full book market data published in real-time, our streaming web services provide easy access. This product is fully integrated with FIX API Hub too.

Back Office and Reporting Services

Our back office reporting services provide the following reports via SFTP and email on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis:

  • EMIR and MiFID II Reporting obligations.
  • Daily, Monthly and To-Date unrealised and realised P&L.
  • Client Positions.
  • LP Exposure Positions.
  • Client Trades.
  • Hedge Trades.
  • Settlement Prices.
We can also help you with all your other regulatory reporting needs.

FIX Blockchain

Our own in-house, ultra-fast, ultra-secure and scalable FIX blockchain ledger implementation provides the tamper-proof security required for leading enteprise implementations. Talk to us today about how we can apply this exciting technology to your business.

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