Our mission

Just as software has been shown to have eaten the world, so too we see financial services being embedded into everything. What was once the sole gift that the banking industry could give is now a feature and benefit of every commerce experience. Frictionless payment solutions thanks to Stripe. Split the invoice into 3 easy to pay installments thanks to Klarna, or send digital assets to each other thanks to PayPal.

Banking services are being integrated into the holistic customer journey without any need for a financial institution to be present in the transaction. Our mission is to simplify and enable trading marketplaces of all sizes to operate using a simple, modular technology stack

Meet the wizards

Our team has worked together to build trading solutions for the world’s largest exchanges. You have probably used our technology many times. Our experience spans over 20 years working with some of the biggest companies in the world of finance and technology.

Chris Ward

Chief Executive
3x Exchange and trading tech entrepreneur

Roumen Asenov

Head of Engineering
Technology Architect and
Engineering Lead

George Cwanja

Senior Technical Manager

Tim McLachlan

Sales Director
20+ Years FX and equity
sales and broking

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