We enable any business to build and manage their own trading marketplace with integrated business intelligence and regulatory compliance with ease and immediacy. Our product suite enables any marketplace to operate more efficiently and effectively at lower cost.

Trading & Settlement

Our instant On-chain Trading & Settlement solution.

With our patent pending Instant On-Chain Trading & Settlement technology, and our years of experience in the financial exchange space we offer a secure, trusted and transparent regulatory compliant exchange solution for the alternative financial market and beyond.

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Business Intelligence

Real-time analysis dashboards and dynamic trade synthesis.

Real-time trading analysis and customisable dashboard reporting across transactions, settlements, match rate, market depth and much more besides. Automated end-of-day reporting and business monitoring ensures you can maintain a watchful eye on the beating heart of your business.

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Regulatory Compliance

Integrated reporting, trade data storage and cost-trade risk analysis.

Integrated regulatory compliance for the unregulated alternative finance market. We provide the necessary tools to extract, consolidate, convert, verify, resolve and enrich your financial marketplace data, whilst also providing automated trade reporting and exception management.

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Meet the wizards

Our team has worked together to build trading solutions for the world’s largest exchanges. You have probably used our technology many times. Our experience spans over 20 years working with some of the biggest companies in the world of finance and technology.

Chris Ward

Chief Executive
3x Exchange and trading tech entrepreneur

Roumen Asenov

Head of Engineering
Technology Architect and
Engineering Lead

George Cwanja

Senior Technical Manager

Tim McLachlan

Sales Director
20+ Years FX and equity
sales and broking